Pearson Airport Limousine service provides direct ground transportation to and from Pearson International Airport. Pearson limousine services is available from personal residences, hotels, or corporate offices. GTA Airport Limousine Services can fulfill all your luxury transportation needs ranging from airport limousine transfers, corporate meetings and events, proms and weddings. At Toronto Airport Limos, we monitor your flight schedule and register your limo at Pearson Airport accordingly. Therefore, your airport limousine is always waiting from the moment your plane arrives.

Our Pre-Arranged Limousine Services ensures that our clients don’t have to wait in long line ups at Pearson Airport to get an airport limo or taxi. Our friendly, helpful and professional chauffeurs will assist you with your baggage and lead you to your waiting limousine. GTA Airport Limousine Services also provide luxury airport limo transportation to and from theHamilton, Toronto, Buffalo and Waterloo Airports.


How to get your Toronto Airport Limousine at Pearson Airport?

If possible, please give us a call at 1-888-671-4554 or 416-889-4914 upon your arrival to notify us of your arrival.

  • Clear Customs and Pick-up Luggage
  • Proceed to the Pre-Arranged Post “Terminal 1 = Post B andTerminal 3 = Post 29
  • Give your name to the commissioner at the Pre-Arranged Post and ask him to call Toronto Airport Limousine from the compound. Your limousine will pick you up in two minutes.
  • Please confirm your name with the driver so you are serviced by the designated limousine because there will be other parties as well. In the event of a problem at any stage of the trip, we encourage you to give us a call directly.
  • Please make sure prior arrangements have been made!

We monitor your flight arrivals to ensure prompt and uninterruppted service. You don’t have to worry if your flight is delayed. It is always to give us a call if there are extreme delays going through customs or getting your luggage.