Airport Limo Pickup Procedure at Toronto Pearson

Procedure for PRE-ARRANGED Airport Limo Pickups

  1. Clear customs and pickup your luggage
  2. Proceed to Pre-Arranged Post “Terminal 1= Post B and Terminal 3= Post 29″
  3. Give your name to the commissioner (airport staff) in glass booth at the PRE-ARRANGED POST and ask him/her to call Toronto Airport Limousine from the compound for you.
  4. Once paged, your designated vehicle will pick you up in two minutes. When your limo arrives, please confirm your name with the driver to avoid any confusions.
  5. If commissioners can’t find your vehicle in the computer list, please give us a call directly at 1-888-671-4554 and we will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for choosing Limos Toronto for your travelling needs.


Benefits of Pre-Arranging Limos Toronto at Toronto Pearson Airport

Avoid line-ups, get personalized service, professional and courteous drivers. After long flights and delays in customs, don’t wait in line for an airport limo or taxi. Pre-arrange us and never wait for extended periods. Quick and responsive service with flat rates and luxury cars.